TAG is a peer-to-peer ride sharing app.  Socially connected daily commuters match with each other via our brand new smart-commute matching algorithms. We do more than matching routes; we match journeys.


Market for TAG is shaped by peer demand. We launch where we are wanted. Our users are spread across Ankara, the capital of Turkey, and Istanbul, the megacity of Europe. Our user community is growing rapidly and virally.  


TAG has won the largest European Union innovation grant ever received by a Turkish company. (Horizon2020 Phase-2, Single recipient) In addition it has received numerous grants from TUBITAK and been funded by a group of local and international investors.

TAG is accredited and co-funded by TUBITAK -

 The Scientific and Technologic Research Council of Turkey

under TEYDEB - Technology and Innovation Fellowship Program issue numbers 7130831 - 7131089 - 7140495 - 3150386.



TAG project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

under grant agreement No.699017.

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