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SeatX is an exchange market for empty seats in urban transport. With its ability to work with any driver and any passenger, SeatX can infuse into any MaaS in the transport market. This is a game-changing breakthrough where MaaS operators will inevitably be encouraged to join.


Users of SeatX are creating the first social graph of its kind in the world. They establish commuter circles, new friendships and professional networks. 

The users of ride sharing communities and the peer-to-peer applications need to make 25 to 50 clicks before rides. This is why they have not been able to reach critical user volumes to operate in urban markets. SeatX has a transaction module that trims those steps to a single click for their users to exchange seats.

Tests show that SeatX can increase seat capacity utilisation for public buses, corporate fleets, taxis, local MaaS operators, and independent ride sharing drivers.


Further, it can reduce distance by 35%. Potential clients that are interested include fleets of multinational corporates. Through SeatX they will open the use of their corporate fleets and employee vehicles for sharing and achieve cost reductions.    

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